Field Safety Rules

All pilots must adhere to the AMA Safety Code when flying at our field.

Additional Club Rules

The following club rules are in effect in addition to those in the AMA Safety Code.

  • Frequency control will be regulated at each field. Appropriate frequency pins must be clipped to transmitters when in use. This board will be placed next to the frequency board at both fields. Pilots flying with 2.4Ghz radios do not need to use a frequency pin.
  • No transmitter may be operated without the frequency pin, except those on the 2.4Ghz band.
  • A range check must be performed on all aircraft.
  • The runways are to be used for takeoff and landing only.
  • Landing priority will be given to dead stick landings and gliders.
  • Prolonged engine running will be done outside of the pit area.
  • All engines must be fitted with an effective muffler.
  • Non-members may fly as guests of members provided the guest is an AMA member and the club member is present. No guest may be trained to fly unless the student and the pilot are involved in the Introductory Pilot program as outlined by AMA.
  • Outside flying groups may not use the field unless authorized by the executive committee.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted at the field