Harris Field

Harris Field is a full-scale private airfield with two crossing grass runways on a farm on Penns Grove  Road. 

Photo of Harris Field

Aerial View of Harris Field

Map of Harris Field

 Directions to Harris Field

  • From anywhere to the Route 1 Exit for 896 North
  • Take 896 North 100 yards and make a left turn onto Penns Grove Road
  • 1/2 Miles down Penns Grove  you will see a farm to your left

Note:  Please drive slowly to the end of the driveway and park beyond the white shed.

Harris Field Rules

The field schedule must be strictly followed at Harris Field when flying  gas or glow-fuel powered craft.  Wednesdays and Thursdays and alternative weekends are the days where flying these types of aircraft is allowed at this field.  No flying is allowed before 10:00 AM or after dusk on any day. Electric powered aircraft and gliders can be flown any day. 

There are specific noise restrictions at this field.  All two-stroke models must be less than 95db and four-cycle engines must be less than 100db (when measured at 9 feet at full throttle).  

Keep at least 100′ (preferably 300′) from Penns Grove  Road and Lincoln University Road when flying.  Flying too close to these roads causes complaints by neighbors and poses a risk if a model goes out of control. 

This is a full-scale airport.  As such, the AMA rules require that you fly with a spotter to notify you of full-scale craft in the landing pattern.  We have had several instances where full-scale aircraft have surprised R/C pilots flying at this field.  Do not rely on your ears to warn you of incoming aircraft as they can be very quiet on the approach, especially when coming from downwind. 

During the winter and spring months, if you see a red detergent jug at the entrance to the farm you should not enter the property.  The owner asks that you do not enter when this marker is out, since the activity produces ruts in the soft ground.